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Litigation Copying & Scanning

Southwest Legal Solutions handles each copy and scan project with care and accuracy to ensure even the most detailed piece of information is in tact and legible. In addition, every document produced must pass our strict page-for-page quality control process to verify each original file and stapled document has been reassembled in the exact order it was received. Southwest Legal Solutions is equipped to handle all sizes of jobs, ones either too big or too rushed for an in-house copy service to produce correctly. Our experience in producing large and time sensitive jobs has made us a leader in the industry.

Oversize Scanning
In black and white or color, we can provide you with a dulpicate or a PDF or TIFF of your oversize document.

Bate Labeling
At Southwest Legal Solutions, we create client specific labels, better known as Bates labels, which include prefixes, suffixes, or other pertinent information. With placement being a vital step of the labeling job, each member of our production team is trained on correct procedures and will never infringe on any information on original documents or copies. This type of numbering system enables enhanced organization and quick retrieval of crucial documents.

Project Planning & Document Preparation
Southwest Legal Solutions begins the planning process by assigning a project manager, at no extra cost, to work with your document management consultant. Together, they will listen to your specific needs to clarify all project requirements before designing a detailed plan and deliverable timeline. The project manager will lead this process as well as continuously oversee your project and provide regular project updates. By staying involved at every stage, your project manager is able to foresee potential issues, saving you time and money in the end. Your project manager is responsible for: Discussing the case overview to learn the facts of the case and the scope of the project. Determining each party's technology platform before implementing a solution to ensure accurate, timely and functional deliverables. Confirming the file format, including TIFF, PDF and JPEG, and the storage medium, including CD and DVD. Creating a project plan by clarifying database and load-file requirements to determine the scope of the document population. Implementing a processing schedule based on the workload and creating data capture and coding guidelines.

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