Electronic Discovery


The process of creating electronic copies of documents and storing them on electronic media, i.e. CD ROM. Southwest Legal Solutions is capable of handling documents at higher speeds and offers much higher quality because of their dedication to client support.

Our high speed scanners capture images of black and white or color hard copy documents with exceptional precision. Simultaneously, data such as the document number, document type, author, date and more can be captured using prep sheets designed to client specifications and objectively coded for delivery into a fielded database. This database can create a competitive advantage since it allows images to be searched and additional fields to be coded, if necessary. Our equipment and staff can be mobilized to perform image and data capture on-site in an office or other remote location.

Output Formats
Southwest Legal Solutions can provide you with a load file tailor-made to smoothly bring your documents into a wide variety of document management software including:
  • DB Textworks
  • Doculex
  • Access
  • Concordance
  • IPRO Tech LFP
  • ETech
  • Opticon
  • Ringtail
  • Summation
  • Trial Director
  • Visionary
  • Case Works
  • JFS Litigators Notebook
Optical Character Recognition
Optical Character Recognition is the process by which a computer "reads" the letters in an image. This allows the text in a document to be used to create a file that can be loaded into a database and searched and edited in a word processor, or otherwise processed on a computer.

In order to search the text within imaged files, it is necessary to convert these files into readable text. Southwest Legal Solutions uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert this imaged text into computer readable ASCII text. This important step enables you to search all of your documents for key words or phrases, giving you a more efficient and powerful litigation database. Our experienced Southwest Legal Solutions team takes the steps necessary during the imaging process to obtain the best possible capture of the original document in order to later conduct a successful OCR conversion.

Locating a key fact in a matter of seconds from volumes of documents requires an expertly coded litigation database. To guarantee accuracy and expedite database assembly, Southwest Legal Solutions can capture date, file type and limited issues at scan time for an extensive data set that contains all key facts. Our multi-step coding process is performed domestically by our experienced staff in secure production facilities, with bibliographic and in-text coding completed online by certified paralegals and other qualified professionals. Our comprehensive coding service includes:
  • Data Capture
  • Determination of Physical or Logical Document Breaks
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Traditional Bibliographic Coding
  • In-Text Coding

Our standard coded fields include Author, Recipient, Document Type, Document Title and Document Date and we can also code many other types of information that may assist counsel on a particular matter. Our coding is accurate and consistent, to ensure nothing is missed when searches are performed.

Objective Coding
The entry of basic information about each production document. Rather than simply create a list of documents in word processing format, our objective coding is imported directly into your structured litigation support database. This means that you get much more than a static list to be served on the other side: you get a powerful trial preparation tool that links to your document images, discovery transcripts, and other key information pertinent to your case.

Electronic Bate Labeling

Develop a flexible and dependable document control process with electronic numbering and stamping of key information. We expedite this process by incorporating the alpha-numeric numbering sequence you specify during the scanning process. With technology in control, there is virtually no way to miss a document or duplicate the same number. Flexibility is another advantage because we can renumber the batch per your specifications to include documents that had been pulled or for some reason were not in your original document collection.

Video / Audio / CD / DVD / X-Ray Duplication
Evidence presents itself in all forms. When you require copies of a video or audiotape, CD or X-ray, Southwest Legal Solutions has the equipment to reproduce your originals. We quickly duplicate tapes and CDs with exceptional sound and quality picture, and our X-ray duplication is the best in town.

PDF File Conversion
We help our clients utilize portable document format (PDF) files, one of the most commonly used file formats in litigation today. PDF files are viewed in Adobe Acrobat and enable limited organization and search capabilities without the need for specific litigation support software. Our Southwest Legal Solutions clients find these features to be particularly useful when the need arises to create electronic closing binders, electronic exhibits or expert witness kits "on the fly." Additionally, PDF files can be used to optimize your database search capabilities. Our clients commonly use PDF files in their litigation support packages such as Summation and Case Map to search and organize document populations. Standard ASCII or Concordance ready files represent the typical output. The system can create a Summation control list file to facilitate the loading of the OCR data into Summation. Each page of text is preceded with the associated image key which facilitates the linkage to the image. You can elect to include skipped images and OCR error messages in the text file. The text file is overwritten when using import file for OCR and saving text to the same path as the images.

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